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mixthepeople's Journal

Mix the people
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Anybody , Moderated

1. Registration: You have to join this community to participate in the challs. Don't forget to watch the community and add it to you friend list, or you won't see any posts (:
2. Signing-up: In each round, there will be a sing-up post where you should comment in order to participate. Just now, first round sing-up is open here.
3. Skipping: When singing-up, you get an skip, for free (: If you want to get another, just pimp the comunnity anywhere but your userinfo and let me know in the skips post.
4. Entries:
You'll have a week to make an icon per each round.
You can use only images provided.
Blending is accepted.
Icons should fit LJ standards (only 100x100, 40 kb or less).
All effects are allowed (bruses, gradients, text, textures, etc.), except animations.
5. Reminders: Moderator reminds you about a challenge deadline. He will do personal lj-reminder only if necessary.
6. Voting: You vote for two lesser quality icons and for the one better one. You should explain your choice, following specific rules for each challenge.
7. Results: As a result of your voting we will know: eliminated icons, people's choice and mod's choice (sure, with voting tally and the comments).
8. Comeback challenge: When there will be only 5 or 6 icons left, a special new round for quit participants will be announced. As a results of voting the winner will be returned to the contest.
9. Finals: At the end a winner of the contest will be defined, and the information about him\her will be placed in the profile of the community. Only the LIMS winners will be awarded with banners. If you need one, you can ask for it
10. Schedule:
Sunday: a new challenge will be up
Friday: deadline for current challenge and voting will be up.
Sunday: deadline for voting + results
11. When singing-up, be sure you let me a "squeee!" on your post, so I'll know you've read the rules (:
(This may change for each round)
| Profile codes, based on all_stock_lims profile.